Tuesday, March 21, 2006


as you can probably tell, i've been going through slight amounts of internet withdrawl and consequently haven't been able to update this puppy very often, but voila! here I am again.

The past days and weeks have been pretty action packed. the fresno and san dimas race weekends are in the bag. our team is looking solid and improving with every race we've done with eachother. I gotta give a big thank you and congrats to the team for this past weekend as they allowed and helped me to win the White Jersey as "best young rider" in the san dimas stage race. We also managed two 2nd place stage finishes for the weekend which is pretty exciting and a good indication for things to come. if you haven't scoped it already, check out our teams results and some pics of the hottest team in the peleton.

The crit was a big day for me. the rain was coming down as we started and this helped me to escaape into a break on the first lap with Gord Fraser and my former teamate Karl Menzies. We stayed away for almost the entire 90 min. race, getting caught with less than a lap to go. sorta dissapointing to work so hard and come so close to staying away but it was some awesome race effort for the legs and not bad to have our team represented out there as well.

for some reason i can't post pics on this computer but check me out and here again

host housing this week before redlands. we're staying with a realy nice family in a beuatiful place. hopefully i acn figure out how to get some pics up soon.

ciao for now


Heyo Chronicles said...

Good Job at San Dimas. you are the man. Good Luck at Redlands Big Guy

ryanmcross said...

hey brent great job out there, from the looks of the pictures on cyclingews you were enjoying your time in the break! good luck at redlands, see you in spring.