Thursday, March 30, 2006


I just was informed yesterday that we have only like 20 days or so of class left this semester. factor in that i'll miss at least another week for racing and all those test and deadlines get quite intimidating. would you all keep telling me that i'm almost done so i just don't pack up and quit?

So i'm back to good ole Banner Elk after a fun and mostly successful racing trip to Cali. The team is awesome, the equipment is tops and even the people from priority health who came out to interview and take pics of us were great! I definitley got some hard racing in, and the legs seem to be turning over nicely after just a few weekends of racing. I gotta give a big THANK YOU to all my teamates for their help, and support that past couple weeks. i can't say i expected to be in a sort of "protected" role but it was an amazing feeling to have them behind me. Bonus thank yous to Tommy and Tom who rescued me just 5 miles into the Circuit race at redlands when i flatted. speaking of Redlands, that circuit race was pretty rad. we need more races like that. hard, exciting and very spectator freindly.

Its been good to get back to the Elk and get up to speed on everyone's spring break happenings. miserable to be back to schoolwork though. i missed a lot, to say the least. we did some TTT practice yesterday. I've also done like 4 loads of laundry since i've been back.

no rad picks today but soon. collegiate racing at UGA this weekend. the team has been riding fantastic so hopefully i don't botch things up. i left my race bike with the team in cali. i hope they ship it to me soon, my training bike doesn't have my name on it.

ciao for now


Scott said...

just because your a helmet model now doesn't mean that you look good in a camo hat....sorry

Ryan & Candice said...

When do we get to witness the booty shaken, ground breakin' beat box master?