Monday, April 03, 2006

the schnozeberries taste like schnozeberries

only a few weeks left of school. not sure how i'm gonna get all that work done. UGH!

raced my first collegiate race this past weekend. our conference is sorta lame this year. there are a few really strong guys on the other teams, but we are the only team with 10 riders in the A field. i guess we are the healthnet of the southeast. good times though. i bagged my first race win saturday in the crit. the rest of our guys are lookin really good though, i'm impressed. the toughest thing for our team is going to be deciding the nationals team. only 3 or 4 guys in each event and we probalby have 8 or 9 guys who would be for sure nationals roster material on other teams.

off day today. nice. chem lab today. not nice.

hoping my easton parts for my training bike come this week. the (nonteam) domocles is pretty hot but some easton carbon parts will complete the ensemble.

a bit of old news, but you gotta check out the issue of velonews with floyd on the cover. (tour of cali floyd). its the one that has a little write up on each U.S. pro team. anyway, it has a nice petite pick of brent bookwalter under the "priority health" section. scope it if you haven't yet. i gotta give a big thanks to the best announcer in the cycling buisiness, Dave Towle for his kind words. Thanks Dave! you da man! on a sidenote..... i really hope the san dimas stage race brings in Dave next year, their announcer gave a strong effort but definitley fell a note short of Mr. Towle.

home race for LMC this weekend. proly one of the hardest courses in the U.S. 60 mile A race with about 12,000 feet of climbing. Giddy up!

i know i'm slackin on the pics. i'll be sure to do a photo diary of this weekend. my mom is coming into town so maybe she can help out with the pics thing.

priority health media event/team unveiling in MI in a week or so. im' heading for a day or two right before the easter weekend. sounds fun.

appreciate the randomness.

check out my boy taylor at a solid 1.1 in france. dang, i wish that kid still went to school here. he made the early move in this race below, somthing that i can say is dang hard. good ride taylor!


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Jed said...

Brent, good hangin with ya too! We had an awesome time and the riding was the most epic recovery ride in my history, i think. Good luck at nats, we'll see you out there.