Monday, April 17, 2006

OFF weekend

Check out this tub of Nutella. Straight from Italy C/O Clara. I've been making some good progress on it. hopefully i can kill it before the school year ends. I heard the Nutella they sell in Europe doesn't have hydrogenated oli in it, meaning its better for you then the stuff here. true??
I've managed to pound out 7 straight weekends of racing this season. Overall its been swell and I'm satisfied with the progression, form and fun times that have been had. This past weekend was spent, not racing. kinda nice. wed. i packed a bag and headed to the airport to fly up to MI. Woke up bright and early Thursday morning to head to Priority Health Headquarters. It really felt like after and traveling and waking up that early i should be jumping on my bike but nope, instead i spent the day hangin with the team and crew of awesome friends, family and supporters at our "offical team unveiling" breakfast and info briefing, presentation (with a little speech by me), luncheon, ride, party and finally some catchin up with high school buds and downtown rockin with my teamate Tommy. A action packed day! oh, i even got a stack of the newly released Brent Bookwalter Trading Cards. a very hot item i must stay.

so anyway, I really feel we have one of the best if not the best sponsors in the buisiness. For being a first year cycling sponsor, Priority Health has reallly stepped up nicely. I'm impressed. not to brag, but i really am a lucky guy. so many friendly and supportive people behind us. It was great to have a chance to go back home and catch up with the classics and meet a bunch of new people as well.

Riding the lovely country roads of MI with Brian and longtime friend and sponsor Rob Wynalda. i wonder how many total trehsold intervals i've done on that road?
just for sport, a pic of my race bike. first time i got to ride it since cali. very beautiful if you ask me.
the team getting ready to hop on the bike and be "unveiled"! to the MI community.

Flew back to the South on Friday. Made for a whirlwind trip but i wanted to get back to train, do some schoolwork and have some Clara time. Rode the Roan Mtn. loop with SS on Sat. killer views!! didn't feel bad on the climb either. The weather here is unreal, record highs. yesterday was one for the books. 80 or so degress, sunny, 105 miles, 13,000+ ft of climbing. only bad thing... it was easter sunday, meaning no gas stations open, especially those billy bob stops int he middle of nowhere. it was lookin grim for a while, our salty selves were emptying fast but we found salvation in a beautiful pepsi machine. good thing i had some 1$ bills.

the pirate was nice enough to have a few of us over for easter dinner yesterday. almost like being home. off/easy day today. wish me luck on the homework stuff. i gotta get stuff sorted out before heading to VA for tour of shenendoah a week from today. .

in case your bummed out about your monday activities, here is a pic of a pair our troublemaking freshman. arrested last week for painting the road for our home race. today is clean up day. good work boys! i think they should leave this on there...


Huck said...

You're doing a good job on the blog bro. I am sure you are The MAN for the GC and 'multiple' stage wins at Shenandoah. Kick some arse dude.

Huck said...

This time its you that's slackin' bro, it's been eight days since your last update! I understand you are too busy kicking arse in Shenandoah, so keep the great form going, and i will be looking out for you in the leaders jersey come the final stage - followed by a blog update! Wicked...