Monday, April 10, 2006

productivity, or not

Monday once again, and that means I'm again in denial, not believing that the school week has begun another brutal cycle. Fortunatley we're rockin out to a 3 day week c/o the Easter holidy. I'm flyin back to MI on wed. for the "Priority Health Cycling Team" media event and official team unveiling. should be a fun day of a little hoopla and also a great chance to get to see the fam, a few friends and meet the people at Priority who are giving me this great opportunity to race my bike. Oh, our website is up. Check it!! they even have a link to bring you right back here.

This past weekend LMC hosted its "home" collegiate road race for the season. It was fabulous to get to race right out our front door and have some awesome support from the school and community. A big thank you goes out to everyone who watched, cheered and helped out with the races! We even had our own version of "the devil" at the top of our road race climb. I'll be sure to locate some pics and toss em up here.

We started the weekend off right by placing 1,2 in the team time trial. It was my "race" ttt effort with 2 of the 4 guys on my team and they all rode like champs. We had a few hicups but were moving pretty good out there. once we get a few more kinks worked out its gonna be scary. here's a hot pick of us getting ready to start. thanks to my teamate went for the pic and my bud Stu for letting me rock his TT bike and disc wheel.
we finished saturday off in stellar fashion, rockin the criterium as well. Everyone rode aggressive and strong from the gun, allowing me to slip off the front in a group of 3. I attacked the break and managed to lap the field just before race finish for the win. it was nice to catch them just in time to watch my teamates line it up and also take the field sprint. nice boys!

RR. Sunday. 60 miles. around 8,000 feet of climbing. i'll spare you the play by play, but it worked out great. with me fortunate enough to take the win, while scott J was 3rd, Scott S 5th and the other boys stacking the top 10. props go out to mr. fairbanks from cumberland university who gave us a good run and helped stir things up a bit.

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