Saturday, April 29, 2006


I've been racing the Tour of Shenandoah in Virginia for the past week. We're staying in these rad cabins in the middle of nowhere and we just found out yesterday that their "lodge" has wireless internet! Eureka! i've kinda lost touch with the outside world but that is usually the routine with stage racing. its been a great race. Amazing courses and a tough field. good thing the Priority Health Cycling team brought their A game. I can't even begin to start to bring you up to speed on the past few days, so you should check out the race website for full down low.

exciting huh? the team has been Brilliant and i can't say how proud and happy i am to be riding with these guys and involved with such a great team. so today? TT. 15 miles rolling out and back. i usually like these sort of things but you never know what you'll get after 4 really hard days of racing. Ended up going great! I bagged my first win of the season and also gained enough time to move into GC leader! i can't give enough thanks and props to the team this week, all of them have been incredible. it says somhing about a group when you can have 3 different guys within the team wear the leaders jersey throughout the race (eddy and Tom). sheedy has been amazing, turning himself inside out driving breaks and keeping us where we needed to be. Jake is the wheel man. not only does this kid snag the KOM jersey on day 2, but he then selflessly sacrafices the jersey. Tom flats on day 3, I flat on day 4 and like a true champion jake pulls over both days and hands up his wheel for the better of the team. Thanks Snake! little scott stuart has been a pleasant surprise for all of us. in only his 1st race as a cat. 2 he has been tearing it up at the front, covering moves, riding in breaks and playinhg the roles of super domestique. Same goes for Grahamo, what a stud, mile after mile and bottle after bottle this dude has been making it happen for us. so there's a recap of the crew. oh, can't forget to mention director mark and mechanic Ben. i don't know how these guys keep their heads on straight taking care of a buncha hight maitnence hooligans like us, but they're gettin it done with fine style.

so stage 7 tomorrow. a dandy of a crit. one more day to tear it up, ride smart and go to work. should be an exciting one!

for your viwing pleasure....

not sure what the updates will be like in the cominda days. school, exams. the works. my head will be wracked but i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

tschuss for now


Aram Dellalian said...

ahhh!! F-in cyclingnews stopped covering the race after stage 4 for some reason, and I just read your blog and ahhhhhhhhhhhh man! Well Done! Bien Trabajo! Though this is far from shocking news (cmmon now...and if it is to ANYbody, you don't know Brent), it's still amazing to hear. awesome awesome awesome.

Aram Dellalian said...

ohh...i'm racing Gila next week....was wondering if I could borrow your legs? probably only one would do, either way...

BlackBird Images, Inc. said...

Hi Brent,

If you'd like to see images from the TOS:

go to
click "Galleries"
Click "tour of shenandoah"

And off you go.

Feel free to use any you like on your blog, and if you need higher-res versions or want some prints, let me know and we'll be glad to send them to you (free). Use the "contact us" link on if you need to get in touch. Congratulations!

Jeff Haden
BlackBird Images

Huck said...

Brent you are my hero! Keep winning mate and I can't wait to race with you again...

iamTedKing said...

Oooiee Brent! I'm thoroughly impressed. Skip the homework blah blah blah and come on down to South Carolina and Alabama for some sweet crits.