Thursday, March 09, 2006

the start

Today marked the official beginning of significant travel for the '06 racing season. back to "out of bag living" and those lovely trailmix dinners. quite the day today. my mind was in the meat grinder from the start with chem lecture this morning. who knew there was so much to learn about little invisible particles with a negative charge. from there it was out on the bike for a quick 90 min sanity spin, then back to class for zoology lecture and lab. we got to disect crayfish and had to rip off all of their appendages. did you know crayfish have like 30 different appendages? i'm glad i dont' have that many, i have trouble keeping track of my arms and legs.
now i sit in the Las Vegas aiport. my flight from charlotte to vegas was kinda bumpy and took bloody forever! now i get to sit around here for a couple hours and finish the trip into fresno at about 4 am eastern time. i can now say i've been to Vegas and i'm not sure i'll come back. these slot machines are everywhere and the "DING DING DING!" is killin me. maybe i'll have to try it another time when i'm not overtired and going to race my bike.

Central Valley Classic in Fresno, CA this weekend. the first stage of the omnium is supposed to be a sick uphill TT, but apparantly the road is still pretty snow filled and they may change it. not much sense in thinking about it i guess, i'll find out soon enough. new bike tomorrow too! should be about the same as my training machine, but nonetheless, thats always exciting. not sure what kinda internet life force i'll have for this next block but you can be sure if there is one nearby, I will find it!

ciao for now

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Clara said...

what?!?! YOu are in Cali and can't find internet? ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!