Saturday, March 11, 2006

a quickie

all the latest and brief info from cali...

racing again. at some NRC races. team is awesome. a few of the same great notables from last season and a nice few additions that are all tops! new bikes, rad. no new kits yet but hopefully soon.

yesterday was supposed to be a rockin mtn tt, like 2500 ft. elevation gain in 10km. turns out it snowed up there and apparantly in california, snow makes you melt or mutate or somthing because they won't ride in it. so instead we did a bland 35 km flat and windy tt. our team didn't have tt bikes since we planned on using our climbing legs so it was a bit of a rough experience. definitley not one to include on the resume. road race today. dead flat but some good km's and and a bit nice to get the legs tickin over outa the corners a a bit. haven't done that in a while. bloody cold. maybe 40 and rain towards the end. i thought we were in the sunshine state. so our mr. sprinter flatted on the last lap which thwarted our plans a bit, but we still gave it a good go and from what i saw today, we should be lookin in fine shape with a few more rides together.
minimal internet contact so my daily schedule has been modified a bit. hopefully this will change int he next week or so. crit tomorrow, wish me luck!

oh, a big congrats to the collegiate crew. i heard through the grapevine that mr. winger snagged a BIG W!!! way to go boys!

also congrats to a MI native who just won the tour of Tawain. mr kirk obee. since i don't have any new pics to show you. here's a dandy of me getting ready to pounce on mr. obee last year.

over and out.

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Scott said...

you missed some awesome times over the weekend. We killed it both days. Keep showing those CA boys how its done.