Saturday, February 04, 2006


its saturday and the weather has turned to full on crap. 40 and rainning right now, with snow and cold temps as far as we can see in the future. good thing i opted out of zoology yesterday to pound out some miles and allow the sun to hit my bare legs one last time for a while. i found a bitchin new climb, 40 rpms and some serious power output just to make it up. turned to gravel at the top too!! suckiest part about the ride was definitley riding through Boone. If i ever say I'm gonna move to a big city, i hope all of you kick me in the teeth to remind me of my extreme disgust for traffic and stoplights. walnuts and bananas in pancakes is the recipe for this morning. happy late bday to scott stewart who turned 19 this past thursday. dang i feel old. i haven't shaved in a few days, first out of laziness and then for the thought of winter protection. it might be time to make it happen though. check out the latest issue of velonews for a write up on my homie, ex-roomie and linebacker turned cyclist, Taylor Tolleson. we've begun our preperation for our collegiate race here. it should be another doozy filled with sick amounts of climbing and some sketch decents. here's a pick from last year....

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